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Performance Tuning

How much time is your business losing due to slow system performance? How much of an impact is it having on user moral?

There are many factors effecting system speed e.g. the design of the database, its use of index keys, and the methods used for data retrieval; these can have a major impact on any database system.

Business Central and Dynamics Nav are no exception. More often than not, analysis of keys and code (identified through monitoring) can lead to significant performance gains.

Chances are that if you ever see a “Searching for … records..” message or experience long delays in the system responding, then you have a performance issue that can be corrected.

It doesn’t fit any more – Solution extensions and Re-design.

Maybe it was just what you wanted when you first implemented your Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution, yet now you are finding it is limiting your business. Maybe you wish there was a better way, a simpler solution than you currently have.

We come from a background that is strong in business analysis skills, and highly skilled in the Business Central product suite.

“Our focus is to add significant value to your business, and to provide the simplest solution to meet your needs, no matter how complex those needs might be.”

Turning Back Time – Re-Building from Scratch

Some time ago we were approached by a Microsoft Selling Partner who had a client with some serious data issues. It appeared there had been some issues present (within the system) that had only just been identified, but had been present since initial go live, this resulted in a system that did not reflect reality. They thought that the only recourse to this issue was to “start again” and manually re-process 24 months’ worth of transactions, re-entering countless numbers of notes and comments before being able to get back to their normal day-to-day business.

It was quite a challenge to undertake given that they had upgraded their system during the timeframe, and GST had also been introduced as well.

Our solution provided them with a rebuilt database, all transactions re-processed correctly, all other data re-created, with no interruptions to there normal business.

“Most often in life, the luxury of turning back time and correcting past mistakes, is not an option. Thankfully there are exceptions!”

When the rules have changed! – Selective Correction

This company had approached us with a database where a portion of that database had been incorrectly changed as a result of a fix that had been applied to correct a different issue. This problem had caused an inconsistency that made it impossible to correct the issue through journals, and was having a major impact on their financial reporting ability.

Although fixing this year’s transactions was simple, the previous year (n) could not be fixed (as there was no way of determining what the data should have been before the problem occurred). This left the customer with a system that reported different prior year’s financial results, than those that had been previously reported.

The solution was novel, we repaired the data to a point where standard journals could be used to re-balance the inconsistencies.

“The simplest solutions are always the best.

Time to Reorganise – Selective Correction

Really wishing you could re-structure your chart of accounts? combine two Departments data? or combine two customers history when customer duplicates are found?

All this (and more) are possible. What’s your need?

“In life, two wrongs don’t make a right.
Lucky this is just data”.


Having invested in your Ecommerce storefront, and also in your Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution, wouldn’t it be nice if they talked to each other?

We can tailor a solution to meet your needs, whether it is integrating Microsoft Dynamics NAV to the Web, or providing integration between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and other systems, we can help.

“You can achieve the same result with a little thought and ingenuity.”

Peer Reviews

Embarking on a new Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation?

Its a daunting task to undertake, especially if you do not have a staff with implementation and development experience.

We can provide services for reviews of documents and code, to validate designs and ensure you get the system you are expecting.

“Two heads are better than one.”

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